Therapi Tylino.

A Web Design & Branding Project for a Massage Therapist.

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Introducing Therapi Tylino.

Therapi Tylino was founded by Roger Daniels. Roger is a qualified Massage Therapist with over 4 years experience in the Massage Therapy industry. Roger’s aim is to help people overcome the physical limitations they encounter using Massage Therapy. We were approached to design a new website for Therapi Tylino. Here’s what happened.

The Problem

Therapi Tylino already had a website. The problem was it had become outdated and wasn’t mobile-friendly. The old website also lacked structure. Roger was happy with his existing brand identity believing it was something his customers were already familiar with.

Following initial discussions we decided that a brand new website design was required. It would involve a complete reworking of it’s internal structure so as to be more engaging. The brand’s visual identity would pretty much be kept intact with some minor alterations to be added.

Web Design - Therapi Tylino

The Solution

As structure was one of the big problems highlighted we believed this to be our main challenge in the project. Research confirmed that reworking the structure, making it more organised and engaging would give Therapi Tylino instant competitive advantage.

We particularly wanted to focus on the service pages. One of the main things we did here was to divide them into sections. This made them more digestible and engaging. Easy to read in depth or scan if the site visitors preferred. Each service would clearly depict:

  1. What the service included
  2. Who it would benefit
  3. How it would benefit
  4. Finally, each service would include prices.

Website Design Project - Therapi Tylino

As part of the content structuring we researched keywords and ensured every page was keyword focused. This included optimising the website for local search too. As part of this we optimised Therapi Tylino’s Google+ page to provide potential customers with a more comprehensive profile.

In terms of visual identity we identified new fonts to give the website a more professional image. We wanted to create a more subdued effect across the website. We consulted the client and agreed to adjust the existing brand colours to suit this.

Imagery was another aspect we looked at. Research showed other Massage Therapy websites using imagery of people in pain or injured. We opted to focus more on the end result and show people looking healthy and being active. This is what Therapi Tylino aimed to help people achieve so this needed to be conveyed.

Client Feedback

Therapi Tylino Feedback - Web Design

Brantag are up to date with Web Design and they also have expertise in marketing; the combination results in a team who can provide support for their clients during and after development.

The website is high on the first page of Google and Yahoo search engines and second for Local Search. It has provided client interest that has resulted in appointments for massage treatments

The meetings were always relaxed and they make a good cuppa too!

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