The Full Hog.

Web Design, Branding & Logo Design for a Hog Roast Company.

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Introducing the Client

The Full Hog are a Hog Roast company founded and managed by Rob & Louise Evans. They pride themselves on offering the complete hog roast experience for their customers. We were asked to design them a new logo and build a new website. This is what happened.

Web & Branding Project - The Full Hog

The Problem

The Full Hog came to us as they were looking for an update to their existing website and a new logo design. They wanted to change their menus, as they had become outdated. This was such an issue for them that they directed clients to their Facebook page. This wasn’t an ideal scenario for them.

They were also looking for an updated logo. Their existing logo was a caricature which they believed didn’t reflect their business in a way they would like.

The Solution

We started by analysing The Full Hog’s place in the market. As part of this we researched the target audience and competitors.

We found majority of Hog Roast companies had ‘traditional’ identities. Following discussions we decided to respect the traditional elements but integrate a modern feel too. We offered a number of logo designs to fit with the new modern image and applied the content and colour scheme to match this.

As part of the visual identity we also selected fonts to create the desired image. We looked at the food pop-up scene and wanted to create something traditional but inject a modern edge with it. This would also be rolled out, by us, across their social media.

Logo Design - The Full Hog

Web Design - The Full Hog

With the visual side on the way we turned our attentions to the service offered by The Full Hog. To do this we looked at the main features they offered: the expertise, flavour and experience. Our job now was to communicate this effectively. We did this with a Why Choose Us page dedicated to the process The Full Hog followed. This allowed us to establish several brand messages.

The food obviously played a big part too. To showcase the food in the best light we used professional photography. The aim was to create imagery that when people saw it on-screen they would want to ‘dive straight in’.

Client Feedback

The Full Hog Feedback - Web Design & Branding Project

At first we were looking for someone who could just update our existing website and perhaps design a new logo. We came across Brantag. They told us that the website needed a complete rebrand. At first we were apprehensive but when we saw what they had in mind it blew us away. Every meeting we had we left feeling more positive about how the website was progressing.

Since the website has gone live we’ve had lots of enquiries – even the typically quieter months have been busier. We’ve also started taking Christmas Bookings (in March). Majority of the people who contact us also compliment us on the website, not just how it looks but how easy it is to use.

We have used the brand identity on new leaflets and also promotional material for Wedding Fayres. The branding and the website has been a big hit and we can’t recommend Brantag enough.

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